Winter Solstice Grooming Fundraiser 2015

Grooming Fundraiser for TART TRAILS

This is the second year, and if we had a little snow last year, there was NO SNOW this year :(

A big thank you to all of the awesome riders that participated on Sunday.

We raised $421.00 for TART grooming and road a collective total of 650 miles.

Thanks to Timber Ridge Resort for hosting us and Irma Brownley,  Birgit Yetter & Ben Gareiss for volunteering.

The riders and a few runners: Keith Conway, Jeff Harding, Steve Mentzer, George, Chuck Hathaway, Paul Hathaway, Mary Pomeroy, Karl Pearson, David Tietz, Kelly Kir, Jim Stanley, Craig Webb Andrew Nash, Rob Goepfrich, Susan Garber Vigland, Liz Belt, Michael Starostanko, Russ Ryba, Mark Rosenburg, Dave Mann, Heidi Jones, Brian Barsheff, Jim Mitchell, Joane McIntyre, Marilyn Kamp, Diana Raddatz, Mike Rubino Matt McDonough, Sara Hunt & Guest, Molly Paryani, Laurie Heslip Padden, Alyssa Padden,Todd J LaBonte, Daniel Novak.

Hope you can all join us again next year - we WILL have snow so skiers can join us too.

SOLSTICE - December 2016 - XC ski and/or Bike ALL DAY LONG

Without snow we could not do the cross country ski part but we were able to mountain/fat bike.