CONCEPT 20:20:20 - Last day of Winter

                     March19th 2022

In cooperation with INFERNO FITNESS - Traverse City



 Continuous 60 minutes in 20/20/20 format    

ROW - Concept 2

 RUN - Treadmill

Double Pole - Concept Ski Erg


for ALL 3 disciplines 


1 - Maximum time 20 minutes on each exercise machine.  

2 -  First come first serve - Sign up early to have You choice of order (pending machine availability) 

3 -  Sign up $10 per person - cash at the event ( half goes to INFERNO for the use of machines , second half to prizes for the best).

4 - One minute transition between individual disciplines (does not count towards the total of 60 minutes).

5- Distances at the 20 minutes mark for each disciplines to be documented (picture) and added for TOTAL DISTANCE

We are working on age handicap/ compensation multiplier based on CONCEPT Corp. data for individual age group performance.


Email with the following info:

- Name, gender, age 

- requested time slot and requested ORDER of disciplines

Time slots :  9:00,  10:05,  11:10,  12:15, 13:20 and 14:25  (more might be added if original slots filled)